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Life's End  




I thought my life ended
When I stumbled and fell
My soul was left unmended
In the pit where I dwell

I thought my life would stop
When I was falling
I thought it too great a drop
To keep on calling

But what is true
Is that it had only begun
I could be one of the few
That reached toward the Sun

I can look past the lies
I can speak the truth
I can answer the cries
Despite my youth

I can climb the mountain
Even if the rocks come down
I can make our freedom begin
Even when the Sun goes down

Blood will stain
The flooded street
And though there will be pain
We would accomplish a feat

They’ll drive as back
That’s what they do
But one day they’ll crack
And I’ll be there to see the view

I’ll breathe fresh air
I’ll dance and sing
And all will be fair
As awakened hopes ring

But now in the pit, in the dark
It is only a dream
A bittersweet spark
To make a river out of a stream

I could remake this ashen, barren land
I could live in this place that does burn
And here I could make a stand
And make the roaring tides turn

I could pick up the glass, shattered and grand
I could put them back, into their rightful place
And though they might sting my bleeding hand
I’d get back the life they tried to erase

I stood in a forest dead
But to that I paid no heed
I can’t do it, they had said
But in my hand there was the seed

I dug deep in the ground
And placed my hope deep and low
And as life sprouted all around
The tree, the hope started to grow

As the tree grew in size
I along with it started to rise

Confusion, despair is no more
That beautiful end we all desire
My heart will surely soar
With the relentless burning fire

That growing tree will widen eyes
As I the climber, rise and rise

The river so strong
Will sweep away prison bars
There will be no wrong
As I reach for the stars

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Golden Love

What shines gold over the green pasture?
What makes bold and respectable men lose their composure?
And fall to their knees and plea for an object they lust,
Something they must have, they truly must.
A madness that clutches the beating heart,
A swift aim of cupids dart.
What is worth more than all gold?
The greatest treasure ever told.
Worth blood on noble hands,
Worth all of your falling sands.
Worth using lies and deceit,
To get out of the blaring heat.
Of the spark that turned into a fire,
A drive that will never tire.
Through all the dangers in the land,
None more dangerous and grand.
From the dove fluttering from high above,
A great treasure is a woman’s golden love.
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Life's End
Standing upon the dark road hearing gravel crunch,
Horror filling, growing with, the dark minds hunch.
Sorrow lingers, shadows creep,
The door shutting deaths keep.
Melancholy is the heart,
Beatless from the poison dart.
Eerie is the silent night,
Empty is the dark sight.
Mournful howl far away,
Silence where the tomb lay.
Eerie shrieks of the bats,
Quiet padding of the rat.
Body shaking, bloods rush,
The breath of midnight hush.
Flickering eyes from the shrub,
Fearful cry of the lonely cub.
The ghost ahead, silent and hollow,
Oh, let thy ending life go.
Let the cold river run,
Let the spiders web be spun.
Let time do it’s curse,
Let all deaths diverse.
Take shape, take form,
Those who once were born.
Turn right around the bend,
Then you meet life’s end.
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Constant Riddle

This thing is always there,
All around us everywhere.
It’s what newborns first see.
What goes through doors without a key?
Faster than the sound passing by,
Dazzles all in the bright sky.
Down crevices, into caves,
Shining through the blue waves.
Stars twinkle, moons phase,
Fires burn, the Suns blaze.
We are not done, no not yet,
We don’t end with the sunset.
Without it, we are blind,
It goes beyond leaving Earth behind.
Into darkness, into space,
At an unfathomable pace.
Where ever you look it’s there,
This thing is everywhere.

(Highlight this whole line to see the Answer): Light

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The Riddle That's Not There
Behind you I stand without feature or form,
I stand with you through quiet horrors and the rising storm,
I stand alone, alone with you,
I stand where the Sun is true,
I’ve been there so long, I’m noticed not,
I go where light dares not,
You stand in front, I stand behind,
Always sharing your mind,
Go where you go, stop when you stop,
Even there when you slowing drop,
From beginning to end,
Your quiet friend,
I whisper in your ear, my voice soft and fair,
You turn around and no one, no one is there.

(Highlight this whole line to see the Answer): Shadow

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