A Place Where We All Belong


A Place Where We All Belong

Winter remembered nothing of her parents or at least that is what she told other Snow Leopards like herself.  However, she did remember a voice singing.  Her mother and father disappeared long before she opened her eyes, but she could remember her mother singing in a soft, hushed voice, like falling snow.  She could recall the melody of two lines:


I am smart, I am brave, I am strong,

I must find a place where I belong.


And to those words she lived by.  Winter was an orphan and had been since the Lion invasion of the Snow Leopard territory.  Since then, she has suffered because the other cubs were a little afraid of her; one of her paws was stronger than the rest and had a white pad on the bottom.

Snow leopards once lived in magnificent caverns that shone with crystals, stalagmites and stalactites.  However, the Lions took away the crystals, tore down the caverns they couldn’t use and occupied the rest.  Now, Snow Leopards live in cold, drafty dens.  Lions take most of the food and let the Snow Leopards scrounge for what‘s left.  But most importantly, their law was that they didn’t allow cats, other than Lions, to go beyond their border and mingle with other types of cats.  This was a precaution to prevent rebellion and to help the Lions maintain control.  However, the shortage of food and the law was not usually a problem for Winter since she was an experienced hunter and didn’t know what it was like to be free.  However, you could say that her hunting skill and her curiosity of what it was like to be free is what got this story started...

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