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Alani Santamarina


Since kindergarten, I have always wanted to create stories. My favorite pastime was, and still is, dreaming about my imaginary characters and wild fiction stories. I draw my inspiration from my supportive parents, my adorable yet intense brother Ronan and my Siberian Husky, Maya, who is always lying on my feet when I write. Then I have bunches of loving relatives that I wish I could visit more often. All of whom were serious editors of this book. This bunch also includes my Grandma and great Grandma who did the spectacular artwork of this book. Besides my family, reading has been a significant influence. Reading was probably one of my first true passions. To me, books are like portals to fantastic other worlds just waiting to be opened. For the majority of my life, I have wanted to create my own portals, and have people enter them, immerse themselves and be consumed by my stories. Perhaps you are one of those people I have for so long waiting for. If that is indeed so, then I do hope my stories bring as much joy and passion to you as they did for me when creating them.


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